Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Regimented Pleasures

Friday: pleasure that the work week has ended
Saturday: pleasure derived from the freedom of the weekend; most likely do a little partying, drug yourself with alcohol or other distractions
Sunday: the pleasure has ended; you might have some peace this day but it's overshadowed by the looming of Monday, the start of the work week

And it goes on and on. And it's only interrupted by other regimented pleasures like planned vacations allowed at the will of the slave master and celebrations on specific regimented days throughout the year in which a reprieve from work (another pleasure) may also be given depending on the will of the particular slave master. Christmas, your birthday, Thanksgiving, etc. Although, you will certainly never be given your day off on your birthday. However, it may allow for the regimented pleasure of a party. And these pleasures are scheduled every year and they repeat themselves in an endless cycle. They are the somas of this society.

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