Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sexism Flowing Out My TV Set

I was watching the show "Blind Date" and there was a male dater who said that "I want a woman I can put in her place." What does it say about our society that this person felt comfortable to make such a sexist remark on national television, without pause? In our society, a racist dater would not feel comfortable to make a racist remark on national television about not wanting to date a specific racial group or disliking a specific group. The network probably wouldn't even feel comfortable to air the remarks of a racist dater, even if the racist was verbal about his feelings. But, remarks that are sexist are aired, and the dater doesn't even think that perhaps his opinions are socially unacceptable. This suggests to me that they aren't that socially unacceptable. There will not be a day when a dater says on national television, "I want to put black people in their place" and the network just lets the comment slide by, without even remarking on the stupidity of the remark.


  1. What does it say about a society that consumes such crap tv? All the rest is just a bonus ;)

  2. Unfortunately it says some pretty bad things but I try to keep a positive attitude and remember that "it's not over yet."